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Most are capable of seeing what something is - it takes vision to see what something could be. It is this vision that allows Paul Caruana to exceed the expectations of the projects he takes on. Below are a few of the more prominent projects under Paul Caruana's ownership.



In the fall of 2007 Paul Caruana and a business partner purchased the Miller-Jeffers building which houses the Norblad Hotel. Paul's construction company, Caruana Inc, began carefully renovating the property inside and out. Working with local tradesman, he preserved the historical integrity of the building while developing a property that is both eclectic and efficient. The exterior is completely restored, the retail spaces below are continually leased to local businesses, and the second floor space has been thoughtfully designed, with clean, simple finishes.


Today, as the sole proprietor, Paul remains vigilant of better and more effective design and consistently implements his ideas to increase guest experience. Click here to learn more about the Norblad Hotel.


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On November 1st, 2008 Paul Caruana and a business partner purchased the Astor Building, which occupies an entire city block and includes an expansive landscaped parking lot. Paul's construction company, Caruana Inc, played a major role in the design & renovation of the eight historic store fronts, the re-purposing of the historic & decaying hotel lobby, and the recreation of the large decorative metal awnings along Commercial Street and 14th street.  The Astor Building was designed as the tallest building on the Oregon Coast, and still stands as a pillar of Gothic Revival architecture.

After acquiring the building outright, Paul continues his efforts to improve the space. One of these improvements was his decision to reopen the historic lobby to the public after being shuttered for the past fifty years. The Ruins is now one of the most unique event venues in the Pacific Northwest. Click here to learn more about this historic space.


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In the summer of 2007, Paul Caruana and two business partners purchased the building and announced plans to reopen the Commodore Hotel.  Caruana Inc performed the fifteen month renovation which included the addition of an elevator, a new roof, skylights, complete window restoration and all new interior. All of the historic moldings and wood flooring were salvaged and restored. 

Since its inception, Paul and his partners have developed the Commodore Hotel into a stylish, thoughtfully curated hub at the center of Astoria. 

The hotel was sold in the Fall of 2019, and is currently operated by the Selina Group.



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In 2008, as one of three original owners, Paul Caruana and his construction company - Caruana Inc - took over the lead role in the completion of the bSIDE6 project:  a seven-story office and retail building located at the corner of SE 6th avenue and East Burnside Street in Portland, Oregon. Sited among the historic arcaded structures of lower Burnside, the bSIDE6 building is a significant addition to this dynamic central neighborhood. 


The result was an iconic structure which received widespread praise. The Portland Business Journal (2007) said of the project, "Willamette Weekly calls BSIDE6 'cool as hell' and 'one of the most courageous pieces of pending Eastside PDX architecture.' The Portland chapter of the American Institute of Architects gave it a merit award last fall in its unbuilt category, calling it 'richly executed.'" 

AIA Honor Award, Built Category:  bSIDE6, Portland. Architecture Firm:  Works Partnership Architecture. Project Team:  Carrie Schilling, William Neburka, Jennifer Dzienis. Owner/Client:  bSIDE6 LLC. Contractor:  Caruana Inc


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In the fall of 2007, Paul Caruana and a business partner purchased the Lovell-McCall building. The partners enlisted the help of WPA, the same architectural firm used on the bSide6 project, then Caruana Inc performed a complete renovation of the property. The original wood and steel beams were sand blasted and left exposed in the completed building. A new parking lot, landscaping, and fencing were also added.

The building was renamed the Shark Rock Commerce Center and is now home to the Providence Medical Group. The name stems from the building's construction history. Survivors of a shipwreck in 1846 carved their names and the ship's title, Shark, in a rock. The rock was rediscovered in 1953, about 100 feet from the sidewalk while fill was being prepared for Lovell-McCall's new building. The historic rock is now on display in the Columbia River Maritime Museum.


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In 2008 Paul Caruana and a business partner purchased the Hotel Julian - a four story brick building on the banks of the ​Willamette River in Corvallis, Oregon. The Hotel Julian boasted 100 guest rooms and a banquet room that seated 300 guests. The hotel opened to the public on January 16, 1911 and was erected by Senator Julian N. McFadden of
Corvallis. It was used for weddings, receptions, parties, dances, Oregon State University events, and civic gatherings.

After initial restoration efforts to the exterior of the building and within its commercial spaces, the Hotel Julian was sold in August of 2012 to Northwest Housing Authority, who later performed a full renovation of the building and continues to operate it as subsidized housing.


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Caruana Inc specializes in the high-end design and construction of both commercial and residential properties. With founder Paul Caruana serving as the general contractor and developer, the firm can see all aspects of a project through to completion - whether working with your own designer and architect, or bringing those talents to the project on your behalf. Paul is as comfortable leading a team as he is to be part of one.

Click here to learn more about Caruana Inc


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Paul Caruana is inspired by everything around him - from travel and architecture to art, design, clothing, and the people he meets. His ever-expanding catalogue of information provides him with an endless source of insight, ideas, and concrete plans that feed the collaborative process and make each project exciting and unique.

Paul was born with an affinity for precision in all forms. He spent his youth around construction and real estate development, which helped foster his innate abilities and started him on the road to developing a strong sense of craftsmanship that is all his own. His journey has taken him from small residential undertakings to ambitious, award-winning commercial projects, and he hasn't stopped learning yet.

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